April Fool's Joke Gone Bad - Lois Lane's Prank Backfires

The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

Note - This is set after Lois & Clark got married, but the Supergirl in the story is the one sometimes called Matrix who was made by a different dimension's Lex Luthor and came to this Earth.  She is a shape shifter.

April Fool's Joke Gone Bad - 2006
Lois Lane's Prank Backfires
by Steve Zink

With April first falling on a Saturday so that only a daring few of the other employees at the Daily Planet had pulled any jokes on Friday, Lois Lane got to thinking about possibilities soon after her husband of steel showered and left for the Justice League's Watchtower for a briefing.  She had also just showered and changed into a short sleeved, button down tan blouse and brown shorts, with white walking shoes on her feet.  If things could be set up as she hoped and quickly enough, one hell of an April Fool's joke could be pulled on Smallville.  She picked up the phone and dialed the special connection at Luthor's building, keeping her fingers crossed that Supergirl was on hand.

"Lex Luthor's special projects off-"

"Supergirl, this is Lois.  Skip the intro for Lex's place.  Can you get away from there and come over here?"

"Sure I can.  Lex isn't here right now."

Lois heard the line go dead, then thought to look toward the glass doors leading to the patio outside their 18th floor living room.  There she was, floating in the air with her arms crossed, imitating the way her husband liked to irritate Lex.  The pretty brunette got up and opened the doors, then said, "My, you sure didn't waste any time!  Come inside, before too many people start wondering."

"Oops!  I should have thought of that.  Sorry," the Girl of Steel replied.  "If anyone asks, I can just say I was asked by Lex to look in on you."

"Would you like any coffee or anything to munch on?" Lois asked.

"No, thanks.  Not that I really needed it, but I had a big breakfast over at the building."

By now the two were seated on the Kents' couch.  "Supergirl, the reason I asked you to come over here is because I want to pull a good April Fool's Joke on Clark.  If you-"

"April Fool's Joke?  What's that?"

Lois rolled her eyes under closed eyelids, then figured closing her eyes was pointless with someone capable of using X-ray vision next to her.  "I keep forgetting you're still learning about all the stuff we take for granted.  April 1st is a day when people feel almost obligated to perform some kind of joke on someone in their family, someone they work with, or whatever.  So April 1st is called April Fool's Day."

Supergirl nodded, then answered, "Oh, I see.  I guess that wasn't considered to be important enough to be included with all the training I've been getting.  Go ahead with what you were trying to tell me."

After she paused a sec, Lois said, "Before I get into that, do you know if Clark still has the Kryptonian Plastimold up in his Fortress?"

The blonde in blue and red shook her head.  "No, he has it all locked up in a storage room at S.T.A.R. Labs secured like a vault.  Superman and I brought it there three months ago while he was discussing my body's changing capability.  He gave me very good instructions on how the machine worked to make someone do what I do all by myself."

"Hey, that's even better!" Lois exclaimed.  "Here's my idea.  Presuming you can set it up so that I can get into that storage room, I want you to change so you look just like me.  Then when Clark gets back from the Justice League meeting, you'll be on hand to greet him as Lois Lane.  I'm-"

"I could look just like you," Supergirl said, cutting her off, "but I'd never be able to take your place well enough to fool Superman."

"If it goes as I have it planned, you won't have to pretend you're me for very long.  A long time ago Dahr-Nel used that Plastimold machine to turn me into a ravishing blonde, then a muscle bound female athlete, and finally an oriental model.  Then a couple of years ago, I had Clark use it to turn me into a black girl so I could fit in better in the slums for a story I was doing.  
I want to use it this time to turn myself into a stunningly beautiful blonde, and make myself a costume so I can call myself Hypno Queen.  I'll be watching for Clark to come back, and soon after he does I'll just use my key to get in, but make it look like I'm making a grand entrance.  I'll walk
up to you and pretend I'm using my hypnotic powers, and tell you that you are no longer Lois Lane, you are forever more to be known as Wonder Witch, the evil super bitch.  You would then morph into a costume that looks like Wonder Woman's, but is all black with silver trim, and a silver
buzzard where the golden eagle is over her breasts.  You could demonstrate your new super powers by stooping to lift me under my boots until my head hits the ceiling.  Look around while I'm gone and try to find a stick or something that you could then use as Wonder Witch's magic

The Maid of Might just stared at Lois with her mouth open for a moment, then said, "You don't think Superman would interfere?"

"Hmmm, I suppose he just might come to Lois's rescue right away.  I'll think of something to occupy him.  After we've made it look like you're the evil Wonder Witch, we can drop the act and show Clark the joke we pulled on him."

"If whatever you come up with doesn't work," Supergirl suggested, "maybe I can do something with my powers to keep him in his seat."

"Good, one way or the other.  I expect him to be back from the Watchtower around four in the afternoon.  How soon do you think we could get into that room over at S.T.A.R.?"

"How about right now?"

"Whoa!  When would I be able to make myself the Hypno Queen costume?"

Supergirl grinned.  "You won't have to make anything.  At least, I don't think so.  Let me go check.  I'll be back in a minute or two."  Lois watched as her beautiful blonde guest used the patio doors much like her husband to open and close them in super speed and take off for points unknown.

She didn't have to wait long.  Lois saw Supergirl, or rather the S shield shaped so provocatively on the super heroine's chest since the rest of her was invisible, appear outside the patio doors less than a minute later.  

Good thinking on her part, making just her chest show up so her whole body wouldn't be seen!'  After a quick opening and closing, the rest of that incredibly shaped super female body came back into view standing before the star reporter.  "Lois, when you did those changes in the machine
before...who did you say did it for you?"

"Dahr-Nel, a lost physician from Krypton."

"Right, Dahr-Nel.  When he changed you into those other forms and Superman changed you into a Negro instead of a Caucasian, did you stay in the same clothes you'd been wearing before the changes?"


"Didn't you wonder why your clothes fit the different sized bodies of you as the blonde or the muscle bound athlete?"

"No, now that you mention it," Lois answered, "that didn't even come to mind."

Supergirl nodded.  "That's because neither Dahr-Nel nor Superman told you that besides changing your body, the machine can also alter the clothes you're wearing.  I needed to go check the machine to make sure, and now I know you won't have to make a costume.  When you enter the
description of the body you want to change into, also enter a description of the costume.  When you step out of the machine, you'll be completely changed and costumed."

"Wow, I wish I'd known about that before," Lois said in wonder.  "I could have given myself some really flashy clothes or even dingy slum clothes when I became a black woman.  I wonder why neither Dahr-Nel nor Clark mentioned that?"

"Maybe they were just trying to keep things simple."

"Yeah, probably.  Well, if the machine can do that, let's go ahead and go there right now," Lois said, "especially since you just came from there."

"Right," Supergirl replied while nodding.  "I figured we'd be right back, so the place may look all locked up, but I have it set for an easy entry this time."

"Great!  Uh, I don't suppose you can make me invisible to match you, can you?"

"Nope, just me."

"Okay, in that case, here's what we'll do to get to the machine.  Oh, wait.  Is it in the S.T.A.R. Labs complex itself?"

Supergirl shook her head.  "No, it's in the warehouse complex a block away."

"If both of us were visible, would we have any problem with guards or other S.T.A.R. personnel?"

"There's just the one guard at the main entrance, I checked when I just went there."

The reporter grinned.  "And we can get to the room with the Plastimold without going by that guard?"

"Right, I unlocked the access doors, but set them so I could open them with my super strength so nobody else would be able to get in."

"Good thinking.  Let's drive over in my car.  You can drive a car, right?"

"Yes, Lex taught me."

'Damn, why did Lex have to be the one she latched onto?' Lois thought, then said, "Change yourself to look like Lana Lang, then we can get in my car and drive over.  You can leave the place looking like me and drive the car back here.  You'll have my purse with all the IDs and keys and stuff."

The blonde in blue and red shifted to appear as the redhead who had been Clark's original girlfriend so many years ago when he was a boy in Smallville, but now was a good friend if not sometimes a competitor for the heart of the reporter's super husband.  She knew enough to appear in casual, Saturday type clothes instead of the typically classy dress clothes Lana appeared in during the week.  Still, she looked sharp in the beige tube top and skin tight blue jeans, with white sneakers on her feet.  "How do I look?"

"Almost perfect," Lois answered, "and you even have Lana's voice down to a T!"

Supergirl wondered what 'down to a T' meant, but kept that thought for future reference.  "Well, that goes with the change in my body.  Of course, I have to have heard a person before to do their voice."

"Right!  Okay, let's get going!"

"I'm with you, lead the way."

The reporter grabbed her purse and led the apparent Lana Lang out the door of the Kents' condo, locking up behind herself.  They went to the elevator down the hall and Lois hit the button for the garage.  "I bet you don't ride in elevators very often," she remarked as they dropped.

"All the time over at Lex's building.  I'm at Lex's side almost all the time, and he's constantly going up and down in his personal elevator."

'Damn, we have got to get this girl away from Lex!' Lois thought while inwardly scowling.  "I should have thought of that.  Well, we're here," she said as the door opened to the parking garage below the building.  "You know what my car looks like, right?"

"I'll take you to it!" the grinning redhead said.

"Okay, lead the way."

Moments later, the two girls were inside Lois's Toyota.  "Can't you afford anything bigger and better than this?" the unknowing Lana asked.

"Sure, but why bother when this gets me around so easily.  I let Clark drive the flashy car."  She pointed at the red Mustang sitting next to them.

"That's what I meant.  Why should Superman have so much better a car than you?"

'I'm not going to even try to explain...' Lois imagined.  "One flashy car in the family is enough.  Clark does let me drive the Mustang every now and then, especially when we're going somewhere together."

By now the two were out of the garage, and Lois turned left to head toward S.T.A.R. Labs.  "When we get close to the warehouse complex, give me a good idea of where to park, okay?"

"Right," her redhead partner replied.  "There's a bunch of spots along the street in back of the complex.  We can walk from there around the corner to the entrance I have set up."

"We won't draw any attention using that entrance, will we?" Lois asked as they pulled up to a stop light.

"I doubt it.  During the work week, it's a heavily used service door.  No guard there on the weekends, though, since they lock it up."

"Perfect."  The little Toyota surged forward as the light changed, but Lois had to stomp on her brakes as a silver sports car shot through what was now a red light for its lane.  Luckily there was nobody tailgating the girls as the Toyota's tires squealed.  "That bastard!" she screamed.

The apparent Lana smiled, and focused on the right rear tire of the speeding car.  A small hole caused by heat vision caused the tire to blow, and the driver barely held it in control as it careened down the street, barely avoiding all the cars parked on the side.

"I presume that was your work?" Lois asked as they started moving forward again.

"Heat vision does have its uses," came as a cold reply.

"Good thing you zapped the rear wheel and not the front one.  I'm betting there's no way he'd have controlled the loss of the right front tire at that speed."

"Not he, she.  There was a young blonde with a cell phone to her ear at the wheel of that car."

"Whatever.  I presume you got my point, though?"

"Of course," Lana replied haughtily.  "I may still be learning about everything, but Lex taught me all about combat tactics."

'SHIT!  We have got to get this girl away from Lex, the sooner the better.'  The pair had a much more sedate rest of the trip, and were parking along the street behind the warehouse twenty minutes later.  "I see what you mean, there's not much activity here right now.  I doubt very many people will see us," Lois remarked as they got out of her car.

As they rounded the corner and got to the specially secured door, Lana asked, "If I'm driving the car back as you, how are you going to get to your place after you change?"

Lois stopped suddenly upon hearing this, and Lana had to turn and face her.  "Damn!  I hadn't thought of that."  She paused and thought for a moment, 'He does know about Smallville being Superman and should be at home today,' then added, "Is there a phone in that room with the

"I'm pretty sure I saw one."

"I think I know just how to get around, then," Lois replied with a big smile on her face.  "Let's get to that room."

As expected, the pair saw no other people while going down a long hallway to a door upon which Lana did her super powered magic again.  It would have been interesting explaining how Lana Lang was showing the super strength of the Girl of Steel.  "Don't worry about when you're leaving, these doors are set for easy departure and will lock again behind you.  Just don't plan on coming back in," the disguised Supergirl said.

"Gotcha, in once and easy out, no second tries," Lois replied as she walked up to a smoked glass window.  "I can get Superman to bring me back afterward to change back.  I presume this window is more or less one way, in that I can see out just barely but nobody can see in?"

"Correct, and it's not just smoked glass, it's also leaded.  My X-ray vision can't see through it, either.  It's also armored; Superman told me that small caliber bullets would bounce right off, it would take something bigger and heavier than a 20-mm cannon shell to even start to crack it."  Super Lana walked over and tapped the glass with her finger.  "Of course, I could punch through it without much effort."

"I bet!" Lois replied.  Then she spotted the goal of their trip and walked over toward the wall.  "You can tell this place is a lab, look at the way everything's painted in such a bland tan color."  Then she stood before a machine she hadn't seen in a few years.  "What memories seeing this
brings..." she muttered.

"Do you know how to do all the programming over here?" Lana asked, standing next to a computer console, her left index finger pointing toward its keyboard.

"I remember being next to Dahr-Nel as he did the settings," Lois answered while walking to join her.  "But I don't recall the specifics."

Lana spent a few minutes explaining and demonstrating to Lois the instructions she herself had been given by Superman earlier.  "And then, set the timer so you can get in before the process starts."

Thanks, I guess I'm all set now.  Time for you to change into me, so you can get back to the condo."

She watched as Lana Lang morphed into her mirror image, then heard her own voice say, "Right, I'm now Lois Lane, and I will become Wonder Witch a bit later today."

"Can you show me now how you'll do that change?"

Lois watched as her twin's hair lengthened and became bigger, falling down to the small of her back.  A shiny black panty and bustierre combination appeared on her body, with silver stars on the panty and a wicked looking silver buzzard and its spread wings over her (larger?!) breasts.  A silver tiara with a centered black star was on her forehead, and matching, long silver bracelets formed over her wrists and forearms.  
A black whip was coiled and hanging from her silver power belt in place of the golden lasso usually seen there, and in a touch Lois hadn't considered, the coiled whip was hanging BELOW the tops of the black boots that came all the way up to the tops of her thighs.  The boots had silver stripes where the Amazon heroine had white on her red boots.  Lois noted the way she had to look up into her changed twin's eyes, then looked down to note the incredibly tall stiletto heels on the boots.

"Even better than I'd imagined!  Just how high are those heels you're wearing?"

"This is what I'd pictured as you described it earlier, and I'm not sure just how high they are, I just figured doing really high heels would be appropriate."

"Good, this will be perfect for later on.  Now change back so you can get going."

Wonder Witch morphed back into the more plain while still beautiful looking Lois Lane, then grinned.  "Okay, I'm on the way.  I do look forward to seeing how you will look as Hypno Queen."

"No demonstrations, I want it to be a surprise for both you and Clark."

"Right, now, give me my purse."  Lois took out the spare house key and then handed her twin everything that made her who she was, thinking this could be a big turning point.  Temporarily, though, thank God.  She placed the extra key on the counter top.

As soon as her twin was out the door, Lois went over to the phone.  Guessing she'd have to hit 9 first like most places to get an outside line, the number for Jimmy Olsen was entered after hearing the confirming dial tone.  


"Hi, Jimmy, it's Lois."

"What's up?"

"I'm over at S.T.A.R. Labs right now, the warehouse complex actually.  I'm going to pull an April Fool's Joke on Clark this afternoon by using the Kryptonian Plastimold machine.  I know it's been a while since you used your disguise kit to make yourself look like a girl, but how would you like
to use the machine to become one for real and join me in the joke?"

There was no delay in the reply at all.  "I've always wondered if that Plastimold could do that for me!  Where exactly are you, and how would I get in to where you are?"

Lois thought for a moment, then figured if she could find a way to keep the doors propped open, they wouldn't lock up behind her as she went to let Jimmy in.  She gave the young redheaded photographer directions for the warehouse complex, along with where to park; then she told him to use a special knock on the door so she'd recognize him.  "I'll meet you at that door and open it after I hear you make that special knock."

"Thanks, I'll be there in about twenty-five minutes."

"I'll be waiting...or maybe not exactly me, if you get my drift."

"Hah, hah!  So you're planning on using the Plastimold first before I get there, huh?"

"That's what I'm planning.  Get going, Jimmy!  Bye."

"Bye, Lois!"

Lois hung up the phone, then went over to the Plastimold's keyboard to start entering the description of her new body, along with the costume she'd be wearing.

* * * * *

Shortly after the imitation Lois Lane parked the car again next to the Mustang and went back up to the condo, she morphed back into her normal form as Supergirl.  This had hardly been necessary, as she then went invisible and out the patio doors.  Once she was at altitude and away from the immediate area, she became visible once again.  Then, using the lessons she'd gotten from Superman, the Maid of Might accelerated to a speed fast enough to break the time barrier.  'Why spend any time looking around for a stick or whatever to use as a witch's wand,'
she thought, 'when I can grab the real thing!'  Matrix had been told a lot about an ancient witch who was still around hassling Wonder Woman by Lex during her briefings.

She came out of the time warp to float down to Earth next to a purple haired woman holding a wand over the pig at her feet who used to be a Greek warrior.  The wand was snatched from her hands, and Circe looked up in wonder at the blonde haired girl in a striking blue and red costume floating in the air, who waved and then flew away rapidly.  The witch had not yet been to the future to become familiar with a more commonly seen male form wearing those colors.  Could it be said, therefore, that in making her time travel visit, it was Supergirl herself who inspired Circe to make visits to the Twentieth Century and become a thorn in a certain Amazon's side?
Supergirl reversed her time travel, and moments later went invisible again to go through the Kents'...heh, for time being...HER patio doors.  When she became visible inside, it was no longer the Girl of Steel but Lois Lane who was holding the wand of Circe.  The joke co-conspirator thought she just had a witch's wand, used as a prop as Circe's powers changed men into animals and other things.  She didn't know that while Circe could still do lots of magical feats in the time of the Iliad, she no longer had the tool for changing people.  The irate, purple haired witch spent a good bit of
time consulting the oracles and other gods, and once she knew how to bend time to her bidding, would be off in search of her powerful wand.

* * * * *

The Plastimold hummed, and after it became silent, its door popped open.  It revealed a goddess of a woman with big and full, long blonde hair in a sleeveless and backless light green body suit with white and light blue spirals and twirls enhancing it.  Below its neck was a diamond shaped opening to show off her incredible cleavage.  The costume did nothing to hide the unbelievable figure of this beauty who almost looked like a full sized Barbie doll that had breast augmentation.  As if a Barbie
doll's breasts weren't already overly large for her body, this woman's chest looked large enough to make an exotic dancer envious.  There were white gloves covering her hands and arms up past her elbows, along with thigh high white boots on her feet and legs.  Taking a hint from the costume
change she'd seen a bit earlier, these boots came nearly to her crotch and had incredibly high and beautifully shaped seven-inch stiletto heels that left very little sole under her toes.  There was also a narrow white belt accenting the tiny waist she could nearly fit her white gloved hands
around, along with a widely pointed white domino mask over her exotic looking eyes.  The rest of her enticingly beautiful face was plainly evident.

"I wish there was a mirror nearby to see how I look," Hypno Queen remarked out loud, noticing for the first time her alluringly smooth and sexy voice.

After a moment reality set back in, and the new mind controlling super villainess figured she'd better set up the Plastimold for its next change, then go get set to wait for Jimmy.  Thanks to the programming she'd done for her ultra sexy new body, the woman who was no longer Lois Lane
except for what was in her mind found that walking around in the ultra high heels of her boots was oh so easy.  She got delayed a bit while setting the doors for easy reentry, and in the process saw her reflection in the glass window of one of them.  Her incredibly sexy mouth went into a wide
O in wonder as she finally saw the results of her new body programming.  
Even though it was Lois who'd dreamed up this body and costume, seeing both for real, she nearly hypnotized herself without the need of any super mesmerizing power!

She didn't have to wait long before hearing a quick double tap on the door followed by a triple tap.  Just to be safe, Hypno Queen opened the door just a crack, and after seeing the eager face of Jimmy Olsen on the other side, opened it up just enough for the young, carrot topped lad to slip in.  
As soon as she clicked the door closed, he exclaimed, "Lois, is that you?!"

She grinned, knowing just what that would look like now on the face she had, then said in that hypnotically sexy voice, "Lois?  Who's Lois?  My name is Hypno Queen."

"That machine sure did a fantastic body change for you!  I can't wait to see what you have in mind for me."

"If you like the way I look, you're gonna really love what you're going to look like.  Follow me."  Hypno Queen turned on her ultra sexy, incredibly high stiletto heels and led the young man she'd practically enthralled with just her looks to the Plastimold's room.  As he stood in front of the
Kryptonian device in awe, she said, "There's no need for you to get out of your clothes before getting in.  I've got it already set to change both your body and what you'll be wearing for a costume."

Jimmy shook his head, trying to clear it.  "Your voice is nearly enough to put me in a trance!  It's a good thing you don't really have any super hypno powers!"  He clicked on the Plastimold door's handle, and opened it up.  "All right, I'm now ready to become the woman you have imagined for
me."  He stepped into the machine and closed the door behind him.

He was a bit surprised when the door opened again, and Hypno Queen said, "Presuming you have your wallet and keys in your pocket, give them to me before the machine makes them disappear.  Any loose money you might have in your pockets, too."  Jimmy pulled out his wallet and keys,
then the change and a few bills that were in his right front pocket.  She took them all and placed them on the counter top, then closed the door again.

Hypno Queen grinned as she hit the start button.  With no delay set in, the machine started to hum right away.  A minute or so later, the humming stopped and the door popped back open.

Where Lois Lane had become the vision of a blonde haired Barbie doll goddess dressed in green and white with boobs a stripper would die for, Jimmy Olsen now appeared to be a sinfully wicked looking Barbie doll goddess with silky smooth and lustrous black hair falling past her ass,
dressed in shiny black and with boobs that Hypno Queen would die for.  Titterific's black gloves went all the way up to her shoulders, but could barely be seen against the glossy black of her Plastimold granted polished latex catsuit.

Like those she'd seen on Wonder Witch, Hypno Queen decided to give her new partner boots that were laced all the way up to her crotch.  Her partner also had the same heels on those boots as she had, making her stand very tall and emphasizing the shape of her model beating legs.  
A wide black belt was around her hips well below the tiny waist Titterific COULD place her black gloved hands around.  Hiding her evil looking eyes was a black mask shaped like Hypno Queen's white one.

Titterific stepped out of the Plastimold on her black toes and clicking heels, then looked down to take in the size of the unbelievably huge black orbs that were pulling down on her chest.  Her black covered, dainty fingers spread over them both, catching her bulging nipples between the
long black claws of each hand's index and pointing fingers.  "From what you had told me, I was expecting to come out looking sexy-" she started to say in a wickedly feminine voice, then recovered to finish after accepting what she heard, "but this is almost beyond the idea of sexy.  
I'm not merely sexy, I'm more like a walking advertisement for exotic and erotic sex!"

"That's exactly what you are, and your name is Titterific.  If my powers were real for super hypnotism, your power would be to make any woman's breasts as big as you desired."  Hypno Queen then looked up at the clock on the room's wall.  "Clark isn't due back at the condo until four, and it's only two now.  Before we have to leave to set up the joke, how would you like to experience the benefits of your new body?"

"What do you mean?"

Hypno Queen walked over to stand face to face with Titterific.  She reached down and opened the tiny zipper in the black clad girl's crotch.  In shot her right index finger.  "Like this!" she giggled.

Seconds later, Titterific felt her new clitoris stiffen and become played with by her partner's finger.  Then a female orgasm to make anything she'd experienced as a male seem pale by comparison shook her body.  She felt first one and then the other of her nipples being squeezed while her clit
was still being toyed with, bringing on a second orgasm.  By now her crotch was dripping wet.  "You've just got to stop!" she gasped.  "No, don't stop.  Really, stop for at least a moment.  Experiencing what you girls have during sex is so much better than what I've ever had as a guy, but
this is starting to overwhelm me.  You'd better stop before I start feeling there's no way I want to have the machine change me back."

Hypno Queen grinned, then pulled her finger out of her partner's crotch and licked her glove clean in her mouth while using her other hand to pull the tiny zipper closed again.  "If that's how you feel," she said after finally pulling that finger out of her mouth.  "You do taste very good!  Well, since
we do still have a lot of time to kill, let's get in your car and stop at a shop or two on the way back to the condo.  I'm betting you'd really get a thrill from having a vibrator humming in your crotch.  Just make sure to drive easy and not do anything which would cause us to be pulled over.  Your driver's license isn't exactly accurate right now."

Needless to say, Titterific made quite an impression when she went into the first adult store at which they stopped and used some of the money that had been in her pants pocket to buy a small vibrator.  To increase the number of folks able to see her, they then went to a second shop to buy
batteries for it.  Now with both of their masks removed, the remaining trip to the garage below the Kents' condo was quite different for the new black clad girl as she experienced the vibrations in her crotch.  Constantly stimulated, she became oh so close to orgasm on a continual basis.

The pair noticed more than a few drivers and pedestrians giving them a second look as they drove toward the Kent household.  Hypno Queen figured it was a good thing they could only see each of them from the shoulders up.  She could just imagine what they'd be thinking if their
masks were on.  After they finally got to the garage, the sexily costumed prankstress had Titterific park as close to the elevator door as possible.  
She didn't want to create a scene anywhere in the building other than her condo.  "Okay, let's put our masks back on now.  How're you making out with that vibrator?"

"I had no idea the female body could be in a state of such constant bliss!  If I did have the power to increase the size of any woman's breasts, I'd be wishing I could also pass on this wonderful feeling."

Hypno Queen smiled as she said, "In that case, your full powers are to increase the size of any woman's breasts, and also gift them with a vibrator in their crotches."

Titterific burst out laughing at that.  When she finally got control again, she was shaking.  While laughing, another orgasm had shuddered her.  "You have one hell of a wicked imagination, Lois!"

Hypno Queen made a point of looking around, then replied, "Who's this Lois you were talking to, Titterific?"

"Oh, of course.  You have a wicked imagination, Hypno Queen!"

Her partner grinned, then said, "It's a bit after four now.  Clark should be back.  Let's get the joke going now."

After making sure there were no other people in the garage that might see them, the pair of apparent super villainesses got out of Olsen's car and made their way to the elevator.  The way their heels were clicking and echoing throughout the garage, Hypno Queen figured they were really
announcing their arrival.

* * * * *
Only a few minutes earlier, Superman came into his condo the same way he usually did, by going so fast no one could see him and opening and closing the patio doors with lightning like speed.  With similar speed he got out of his blue and red super suit and put on a grey T-shirt and blue
jeans.  He just stayed in his socks, without bothering to put on any shoes.  "Lois?"

"In the kitchen, honey," he heard in reply.

Clark made his way into the kitchen to see his wife standing at the sink.  
He snuck up behind her, then grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up off the ground, twisting her to face him.  Just as expected.  He was caught unawares as her eyes seemed to lock onto his, and he froze.

"Clark, we're going to go sit in the living room.  When you see a costumed woman come into our condo and confront me, you will not get up to interfere.  You will observe all that is going on and be fully aware, but you will not use any of your super powers nor any normal human impulses to
affect what you will see and hear.  This wand in my hands is of no concern.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," he replied without emotion.

Lois blinked, and Clark seemed to wake up.  "How'd your day go with the Justice League, hon?"

"It was a typically boring meeting, as usual," he replied.  "The only thing of any significance is that Wonder Woman told us Circe has been seen, seeming to be on some kind of search.  She said it was odd that the witch wasn't bothering her, as if she'd never before seen the Amazon heroine."

"Good for Wonder Woman," Lois said flatly.  "You make sure you stay away from that Amazon hussy."

Clark grinned.  "You know the only love of my life is you, darling.  Let's go to living room and sit down, instead of standing around in the kitchen."

So it was that a few minutes later, Hypno Queen and Titterific were both standing outside the Kents' door, listening for any indication that Clark was home.  At the same time, they were watching the hallway to hope that nobody saw them there!  Clark's voice was noticed, and as she inserted the spare key into the lock, the hoped for jokestress softly said, "Here we go!"

Hypno Queen opened the door and slipped in quickly, followed by Titterific.  Their boot heels clicked loudly on the non carpeted wooden floor of the entry way, then went silent as they got to the rug.  Hypno Queen was surprised when no reaction to the sound of their heels was noted.  As the super villainess entered the living room, she noticed Clark sitting as if nothing was going on.  Then she looked toward Lois sitting across from him and her replacement winked, holding a wand in one hand and pointing toward her eyes with the other.  'She must have used her own real super hypnotism on Clark,' the April Fool's joker thought while walking toward Lois.

At the same time, Supergirl as Lois was puzzled.  'Why am I seeing TWO apparent female villainesses coming into the living room?  Lois had told me that just she was going to come in and confront me.  What has changed?' she wondered.  'Lois had said she would be Hypno Queen, and
this incredible looking blonde in the swirly costume must be her.  Who then is the woman in black with the incredibly big breasts and almost no waist?'

Hypno Queen stopped in front of the seated Lois, who stood to face her.  "Look into my eyes, Lois Lane," she said in her soothingly hypnotic voice.  "I am Hyno Queen.  You are no longer Lois Lane.  From now on, you will be known as Wonder Witch, the evil super bitch.  You will work as a super villainess with your partners, Titterific and Hypno Queen.  You will cast spells, I will enslave my victims with super hypnosis, and Titterific will give any woman she desires the biggest sized breasts she can imagine, along with the joy of a vibrator constantly humming in her crotch, unheard by others.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, of course I do!" the apparent Lois replied with a wicked sneer.  She increased her breast size again and morphed into the costume displayed earlier at S.T.A.R., then when she was fully changed and dressed in her evil black and silver costume, she stooped to put her hand under Hypno
Queen's heels and toes.  As she lifted the super villainess to show Clark her new powers, the changed Supergirl who was really enjoying her act thought about the wand she was still holding, and noting the way Hypno Queen had called her Wonder Witch the super bitch, figured it would be
more showy if she made her spells rhyme.  It hadn't been mentioned in their earlier planning, but she went for broke and added to what Lois had told her earlier.  She raised the wand in her other hand and said, "I am Wonder Witch forever more, the evil spell caster without peer.  You are
Hypno Queen, the super powered hypnotic criminal and the most eye catching villainess here.  Titterific is the wicked one who can give any woman awesome breasts such as her own, along with the joy of a vibrator's constant sex only she can hear."

Circe's wand reacted to the rhyming spell it had just noticed and made it all so.

Wonder Witch was still holding Hypno Queen in her left hand and the wand in her right and noticed Titterific grinning at her.  Suddenly she felt and saw what she knew to be her already huge breasts becoming even bigger!  Then she felt the vibrator which materialized up against her clit
and started to vibrate.  'Thank you, Tittie!' she thought as orgasmic joy started to spread from her crotch through the rest of her body.  Then, now thinking as she should, Wonder Witch noticed the one male in the room.  She lowered Hypno Queen to the floor, then raised her wand to say,
"Super powered male who doesn't belong, turn into a woman and to your manhood say so long."

All along Clark had been observing what was going on and wondering why he couldn't lift a finger, or ever use his eye powers, to do anything about what was happening.  Now, he felt his body seeming to scramble and rearrange itself.  His aspect altered considerably as the level of his eyes lowered while his form shrank.  He watched as breasts started to sprout from his chest and his crotch seemed to have a sucking in sensation.  
Long black hair became visible hanging to either side of his face.  He watched as his fingers changed from being thick and manly to svelte and feminine, with sexy fingernails.

Wonder Witch added more.  "Woman who is joining our group, stand before us straight and tall, do not droop."

Clark felt a magical compulsion to stand, and did so, then walked to the middle of the floor.  His pants fell to his feet, since his waist was no longer anywhere near what it was before.  They stopped briefly at his new and very wide feminine hips, but then continued to puddle at the new, tiny and girlish feet he owned.  He looked around, and saw the most wicked looking grin on Titterific's face.  Then the breasts which had just blossomed on his chest expanded to become nearly the size of volley balls.  There was no way Clark could consider himself a he any longer now, and she suddenly felt something filling the new feminine cavity in her crotch.  That something then turned on, and the new woman started to feel the joys of her newfound femininity.

Then Hypno Queen walked over to stand right in front of the new female's face.  Looking down, her eyes locked on Clark's, and the ex-Superman felt her willpower going limp.  "You are no longer Clark Kent, nor are you Superman.  You are obviously a woman, and your name is Claire Clark.  
But that's not all.  You are just as evil, if not more so, as your teammates Wonder Witch, Titterific and myself, Hypno Queen.  You use your super powers to aid us in crime as Satan Girl.  Do you understand?"

The newest woman in the group nodded her head, with her long black hair tickling the cheeks of her ass as she did so.  Her very shapely ass!  
"I understand, of course, Hypno Queen.  I'm the evil bitch with the powers to make any other criminal, and especially any do gooders, cringe.  My name is Claire Clark, but I'm usually known as Satan Girl, and I work with Wonder Witch, Titterific and you, Hypno Queen."

Hypno Queen turned toward the witch and said, "Wondie, a costume for her?"

"But of course, Hypno!"  Wonder Witch once again lifted her wand, then said, "Satan Girl looks odd with a bare back, she is fully costumed when covered in black."

The wand took this as an open suggestion, since no specifics were mentioned about the costume.  But covered in black?  That would be easy.
Satan Girl found her entire head and face covered by a black latex hood with only eye holes and holes below her nose, along with a mouth opening shaped to emphasize her sexy lips.  There was also a short tube atop her head, through which streamed her long black hair.  More black latex appeared covering every square inch of her body, but having zippers like the one in Titterific's crotch in her own crotch and also across her tits.  
Gloves continued from the ends of the sleeves on her arms, ending in long black claws at each fingertip.  There were no boots as such on her feet and legs, with soles on the bottoms of the leg extensions that covered her feet and had heels matching those of her teammates built in on those
soles.  Lastly, a long black cape appeared from her shoulders, which Satan Girl knew served an extra purpose of covering the zipper going down her back, the way in and out of her one piece costume.

Just as Satan Girl was placing her fists on her hips with the other girls watching in pride, an exotic looking woman in a light green body suit and having long purple hair appeared next to Wonder Witch.  "I do approve of what you've done with my wand after stealing it earlier today, and I'm glad
it did take me this long to find you.  But after all, this is MY wand, and I'm taking it back now, thank you."  The ancient witch then disappeared.

"Don't worry, Wondie," Satan Girl said.  "I'm sure either you or I will be able to find another wand for you to use in your spell making.  In fact, I know a witch who spouts her spells backwards who would be willing to make you a wand after a bit of feminine persuasion.  Tittie, are you with

Titterific giggled.  "Of course, Satan Girl!  I'm sure Zatanna would love to become the owner of tits larger than even yours!  And I'd love to make her enjoy her womanhood as much as I do!"

"You girls make sure to let the rest of us know if you need any help,"
Hypno Queen seductively suggested.

"And in reward for getting me a new wand, I'll pass on to you the new
location of our lair," Wonder Witch added.

The end, of an obviously wide open story start.
I am leaving it here, sort of like in my previous
April Fool's Joke Gone Bad stories.

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